About Ohmyoga

An oasis of calmness and wellbeing in the heart of Copenhagen

In our perfectly designed yoga studio on Vesterbro, we offer a peaceful environment where you can let go of the every day stress. Our studio is designed to bring calmness and inner peace, which makes Ohmyoga the perfect place to practice hot yoga, yoga and reformer pilates.

Experience the magic at Ohmyoga. Enter our universe of hot yoga, reformer and self care, and feel the difference in body and mind.


At Ohmyoga on Vesterbro, we believe that yoga and reformer is more than a physical practice. We believe it is a personal development and a mental journey.

Welcome to Ohmyoga – your haven in the city center, where you can explore, develop and find inner peace.

Personal development

At Ohmyoga, we beleive that yoga and pilates is more than a physical practice. Our yoga classes and events are designed to inspire you, both on and off the yoga mat. We offer regular classes, that focus on different aspects of yoga and wellbeing, so you can dive deeper towards your practice and personal growth.

Reformer pilates – a new dimension of workout:

Besides yoga and hot yoga we are proud to offer reformer pilates. These classes combine strength, flexebility and balance, and brings a unique form of workout that challenges and strengthens the body. Our reformer machines are of highest quality, and our teachers are all certified within their field, to secure you get the best out of each session.

A community that supports and inspires:

We are more than a yoga studio, we are a community. At Ohmyoga, we care about personal relations, and you will meet like minded members who share your passion for yoga, reformer and selfcare. Our studio is a place where we meet and greet, where friendships blossom, and where we support each other towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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At Ohmyoga we offer hot yoga and reformer classes in large beautiful surroundings, and we support your wellness journey. At Ohmyoga, you will find a spacious studio, where you can strengthen the body and relax the mind.

900 m2 exclusive yoga,
reformer and wellness studio

The cleanest studio in Copenhagen

Beautiful surroundings

Skilled and certified teachers

Easy access to public
transport and parking

Yoga and reformer for all levels

The most beautiful surroundings on Vesterbro

Ohmyoga is designed to give you the ultimate experience, no matter if you prefer active workout, mindfulness or both. Ohmyoga is your haven, and we will do everything that we can to make you feel at home and comfortable, so you can continue to practice yoga, hot yoga and reformer.

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