OHM Hot Yin Yang

The feminine Yin meets the masculine Yang

Beginner Expert Intermediate

Balance the energy in one class

In OHM Hot Yin Yang Yoga we combine the best from two yoga worlds. First half of the class is dynamic yoga poses, to build up your inner fire and strength. Second half of the class will be guided in a gentle and slow pace, with calming sitting and supine poses and gentle stretching.

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Benefits of
Hot Yin Yang Yoga

Combination of strength,
stretch and relaxation.

Increased mobility

Calms the
nervous system

Your body softens
faster in the heat

The heat increases the
blood flow in your body

Improves mental health

Good to know

Please bring extra towel and plenty of water.

Drink water before, during and after a class.

Take the breaks you need during class.

If you feel ill during class, please tell your teacher so she or he can help you.

Please tell your teacher if you suffer from an injury, so she or he can offer you alternative poses.

If you are pregnant, we advise you not to practice in the hot room.

Frequently asked questions

We have put a lot of effort in creating the perfect luxurious space in our showers and changing rooms, and as a service to you, we are providing free shampoo, shower gel and other personal care products.

We care about the environment and the hygiene, and we encourage you to bring your own towel. If you forgot your towel, you can rent a towel for 50 kr.

We encourage you to book your class in advance, and to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class begins. That way, you can prepare yourself mentally to practice and you give yourself time to settle down. We do have waiting lists and check in will be no later than 15 minutes before the class begins. If you arrive later than required check in, you lose your booking, and the available spot is given to the next member on the waiting list. If you don’t cancel your booking 4 hours prior the class, we will charge you a no-show fee of 50 kr. Check in is done at the reception at the studio.

You can lend yoga mats free of charge, but please bring your own towel, extra towel for hot yoga and a drinking bottle. If you attend a reformer class, then please bring non-slip socks. If you forgot any equipment, you can purchase equipment at the reception. Please remember that we do not accept cash.

In our schedule, you can see the level of each class, so you can choose the class that is suitable for you. Please tell the teacher if you are beginner, so she or he can look extra out for you. If you are in doubt of which class to choose, feel free to ask the receptionist, or send an email to hello@ohmyoga.dk.

Many people think they must be flexible to do yoga. The answer is no, you do not have to be flexible or in a certain shape to practice yoga. All bodies are different, and anyone can attend a yoga class. Just remember to listen to your body, and don’t push yourself. Yoga should feel good and without pain.