Terms and conditions

The following conditions for memberships are valid for membership with Ohmyoga ApS, Vesterbrogade 6D, 7, 1620 Copenhagen, Cvr no: 41971363 (hereafter mentioned as “Ohm”).

Creating a membership:

  1. To become a member with Ohm, the member must be minimum 18 year of age.
  2. Memberships are crated electronic from our website, our app, or in person with our reception in our studios. When creating a membership, Ohm will need the following information: Members name, address, e-mail, date of birth, telephone number and payment/credit card number. The member accepts that all communication will be done via e-mail, and the member also guarantees that all information given are and will maintain correct.
  3. Regret. The membership can be withdrawn 14 days upon creation. Regrets must be notified in writing per e-mail and received by Ohm before the deadline of regret. If the membership has been used during that period, the right of withdrawal is no longer valid. If you purchased an education, an event, or a workshop with start date within the 14 days of purchase, the right to withdrawal will no longer be valid.


  1. Any membership is strictly personal, and cannot be transferred to others in sales, exchanges or lends.
  2. Type of memberships:
    • Ongoing/monthly memberships
      This membership is prepaid monthly via DIBS/NETS and can be terminated with one month’s notice until the end of the one month.  For example: If termination of a membership is done 10th October, the membership will stop 30th November. The subscription can also be paused for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months – however, maximum twice a year. Pause cannot take place during the termination period. For pause of memberships, this must be notified by e-mail to hello@ohmyoga.dk. If you have a monthly membership with x amount of classes per month, unused classes can not be transferred to the following month.
    • Time-limted memberships
      This membership is fully prepaid for the agreed timeframe. The subscription will terminate automatically at the agreed expiration date. The subscription cannot be terminated or paused.
    • 1, 5, or 10 x classes Ohm class pass memberships 
      This membership is prepaid and valid for the number of classes agreed on the membership. The membership expires 6 months after the date of purchase on 5 and 10 x class pass. 1 clip expires after 3 months. After the expiration date, it will not be possible to use the membership, and unattended classes will not be refunded or transferred to another period.
    • For events and workshops
      This membership is prepaid and is valid only for the agreed event or workshop. Ohm has the right to change the date for the agreed event/workshop.
    • Teacher trainings or other educational events
      The membership is prepaid and is valid only for the agreed training/education. The membership cannot be terminated during the period of the training/education. Ohm has the right to change the time and date for the agreed training/education, or to offer the training/education online, if Ohm’s premises are not available, not matter cause.
    • Payment
      Ohm accepts Dankort, Visa, Mastercard and mobile pay. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash.

Obligations as a member

  1. The member must follow the personnel directions for behavior and must not be annoying to other members.
  2. Sign in and cancellation for selected classes must be done via Ohm’s website or app, and not via e-mail, phone or social media. Cancellations must be notified no later than four hours before the class starts. If cancellation is done later than four hours, this will be considered as non-attendance and subject to a fine of 50 kr for memberships, or one clip for Ohm class pass members.
  3. Non-attendance. The member must be checked in no later than 15 minutes before the class starts. Check in later than 15 minutes will be considered as non-attendance, and subject to a fine of 50 kr for memberships, or one clip for Ohm class pass members.

Violation and liability

  1. If failure or late payment of a membership or service applies, and if failure or late payment is more than 10 days due, after Ohm notifying the member of late or missing payment, Ohm is entitled to suspend the membership, without compensation. In the event of late payment, interests are calculated from the due date in accordance with the rules of the Danish interest law. Reminders are charged with 100 DKK per piece.
  2. The member is responsible for being in a such health condition that allows participation in the chosen class/event or workshop.
  3. Ohm disclaims any responsibility for loss or damaged to persons or property.
  4. Ohm disclaims any responsibility for loss of cash and valuables stored in an outside locker. Ohm is not responsible for loss of or damage to property parts as result of theft or forgetfulness.


Ohm reserves the right to make changes in prices, fees, and memberships. Ohm also reserves the right to change weekly schedules, type of classes and opening hours.

Personal data

According to GDPR, Ohm is obliged to inform the member about the process of the member’s personal data. For this, please refer to Ohm’s personal data policy which is available on Ohm’s website and app.